Thursday, December 15, 2016

PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute - Agile Certified Practitioner)

Last year December 2015, Accenture and Telekom Malaysia sent some people to go training and exam for PMI-ACP, because currently we are implementing Agile Scrum methodology to deliver Business Enhancement (previously named CR or Change Request) on ICP/NOVA CRM system under project name TM EVO.

I'm quite happy because I'm one of the participant, and it's fully sponsored by project (I heard the cost is around RM4,452/pax).

It's really a good opportunity and chance to get new knowledge about Agile, like:
- what is Agile in concept
- list of methodology, artifact, and ceremony
- how Agile works and the implementation
- people and role in Agile

In order to take the exam, we need to attend 3 days class in PMI training center (we take it in Iverson Mid Valley) and they give us one really thick book called "PMI-ACP Exam Prep" like this:

During the training class, the trainer presents really high level from the book and it's our duty to read it again at home to understand more, and try to answer the quiz-es. Actually this book is really good, complete and easy to understand. The author Mike Griffiths is a good writer.

Beside reading the book, we also study by answering some online question quiz, mock up exam with timing, and buy the bank question PDF.

Here's the URL that last time I use to study:
and some of online websites with keyword (PMI-ACP question, PMI-ACP exam)

Trust me, during the real exam none of the question in the online quiz or mock test exam will come out. But they really helpful to understand how the PMI-ACP question exam will be, and they also provide the answer review with explanation.

After ready and prepare, then we decide to take the exam by booking the exam date, time and location. Again, we need to take the exam in any PMI authorized training center, and it will be online exam inside the class. PMI-ACP exam consist of 120 multiple choice questions with 3 hours limit time, and all of it is more to scenario based. We really need to understand Agile concept and best practice to answer the questions.

The moment of thruth, after spend so much time reading the book, sacrifice my weekends to just stay at home or go to cafe to study, finally I am able to pass the exam. And here's the certificate as a proof of my hard work :)

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