Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What's Online Team Fun Activities To Boost Team Morale? #covid-19

It's been almost 2 months we're working from home due to covid-19 here in Malaysia. It does really change how we work and interact with others. Good thing about working in the IT industry, we're basically ready and we have the tools to accommodate online collaboration.

While the tools are available to support working from home, there's another challenge that lies underneath it, which is to make sure we have good team morale. For me, it's a totally fine feeling to work from home on the first two weeks, but after that the boredom comes out. The urge to go outside to do jogging, hiking, hanging out, or do other outdoor activity is really high. It's really impacting productivity and mental health. I start to learn to play piano keyboard using Simply Piano app, start to cook again by following recipes from YouTube, enroll in an online gym with Freeletics app, and try to regularly do meditation with Calm app. It does help to keep myself busy with some activities. While I'm content with those activities, I did also think and plan for my team activities, to make sure we're still connected.

Here's some activities that I planned and executed with our team here.
  • Kudos cards using Mural and Interactive quiz using Kahoot! Basically it's not a new idea and I did it before in my previous project. But instead of printing physical cards, now I use online Kudos cards from Kudobox, everyone writes the gratitude, congratulation, and positive words to others, then copy the image to be pasted in the Mural board for consolidation. It's really touching and the team feels happy when reading it. In the second part, I use Kahoot! to have a pop quiz about general knowledge of our team (e.g. process, abbreviation, role, ways of working, agile term). This is really interesting and everyone was really competitive to answer the questions correctly.

  • Mysterious Photo using Gimkit. This time around, I create a Google form for the team to submit their mysterious photo (e.g. childhood or young age photo, photo from behind/side shot, photo while doing cosplay, half face mask, costume party, etc.) with some description about themselves. Then I translate it into questions in Gimkit. I kinda love Gimkit, it's a bit different with Kahoot!, everyone can answer the questions within a given time and it has some strategy (e.g. power-up the skill to get more points when answered correctly, and vice versa will lose more points when answered wrongly). 
  • Guess My Drawing. Participants are given a word within the category of sport, animal, movie. Then he/she will draw it in the Mural board for everyone to guess the drawing. It's quite challenging and fun, we can see how well the team is drawing and can see the excitement from everyone when guessing the answer.
  • Emoji Game. Participants are divided into two groups and given words in the category of movie and corporate tagline. We utilize our WhatsApp group for our team to give hints and answers.
Other than that, I also attend some activities that conducted by teams in our program:
  • Childhood picture pop quiz. We guess the team's childhood pictures that are presented in Powerpoint slides, then we shout out the answer. It's interesting to see other people when they're kids or in young-age.
  • Charade using Teams call. Team is divided into two groups and given some words, then each member needs to act based on sequence words and the other team needs to guess the answer.
  • Two truths and a lie game using Kahoot! Everyone needs to submit words about themselves with two truth sentences and one lie sentence. The moderator put it into Kahoot! and everyone needs to answer which one is the lie about someone.

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