Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Can't initialize OCI. Error -1 in TOAD Quest Software

Last couple days, my office laptop suddenly hang and need to force restart by pressing the power button. After login, I open my working apps (Siebel Tools, Ms Outlook, Toad, Internet Explorer, etc.) then suddenly I noticed my TOAD was behave weird. When I tried to login, it throwing error message "Can't initialize OCI. Error -1". Before my laptop hang, my Toad was working fine and smooth, then why suddenly this crappy error come up, some more I need to do some query report asked by another team. So I started to googling to find out some answers.

From uncle Google result, the root cause is I don't have any Oracle Client installed in my PC. Strangely, I can do login using SQLPlus connected to some DB Servers. So, I am 100% sure it's not the root cause. I tried some suggestion in the forum like:
- uninstall Oracle client, and install new one (still got same error)
- change the PATH of system environment variable, specify the Oracle home path (still same error)
- restart PC (no different)
- remove Toad registry using Regedit, and install new Toad (same error)
- pray so hard, and say "Bismillah" before open Toad (unfortunately, still experience same error)

I was so frustrated and feel like wanna throw that lousy laptop, until I found 1 forum in here. There is one guy said:
I just got the same problem. Actually my Toad has been working fine for a long timeand suddenly it stopped working with the same message. And I found out that it conflicts with program Fence by Stardock. After I uninstall Fence, the message is gone. And it works fine.
Then I remember, before lunch I saw the cute girl's laptop screen that sit beside me has program to grouping shortcuts in desktop. So, I asked her what's the application name for that, and asked her to share the installer also. Yeah, the application name is Fence by Stardock.

I go to Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, then uninstall that program. Just like magic, I tried to open Toad, login to dev DB server, and voila no error popup appeared. This is it, I still don't know why that freeware is conflict with Toad. But the most important thing, I can continue my work using lovely Toad. Thanks to that guy with ID Patchanee in that forum anyway.

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