Wednesday, October 17, 2012

..:: Hello World ::..

Well, been so long time thinking to have own blog. The idea is simple, just want to record experience, information, issue, problem solving, or anything related Siebel work that currently I am working in.

Normally when I do problem solving or in development process, I will put all the issue description, symptom, investigation result, testing process, resolution that I found into excel file or txt file. And sometime when I am handling same issue that I ever experienced before, I need to open that file that I saved in my laptop. And most probably I forgot in which file I put that info (such short-term memory guy).

Last time thinking to put it in free cloud storage website, but still no action to do that. Fuiyoh, such lazy guy also.

So, hopefully this blog will be useful, especially for myself, and probably for other people. Wish me luck to have courage, spirit, and energy to always update it. :)

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