Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Oh well, it's 2017 already, time sure runs so fast. ~~ Happy New Year 2017 ~~.

And this year I have my checklist that I really want to achieve (either the spillover from previous year or new ones).

Before I go to 2017 checklist, let me put what I have achieved and I'm quite proud of it from year of  2016:
  • I joined quite a lot of run events. I had one or two runs every month, even though it's either fun run or beginner run (5km, 6km, 10km, and max 12km). But well, it's a good start and I manage to collect lot of running t-shirt and finisher medals.
  • I went for Umrah or mini pilgrimage on May-2016. I planned and promised to myself to go for this spiritual trip since last 3 years ago and finally able to do it. I bring along my mom as well to guide me, because she has good experience and she went there for three times already (two times for hajj and one time for umrah). It was really great spiritual trip, I was really amazed and falling in love instantly with Masjidil Haram in Mekkah and Masjid Nabawi in Madinah.
  • Me as Scrum Master and my scrum team have received award from our Agile project (Accenture - Telekom Malaysia) as "Most Spirited Agile Team" on Sep-2016 during 2 years anniversary of Agile project implemented in TM for delivering new iFlix VAS product in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The thing I proud the most is because it's a team recognition, not only individual award. I love how my scrum team (designers, engineers, testers) and product owner work really well together as single team.
  • Visit New Zealand on Nov-2016 and able to do lot of things like: road trip with camper van while enjoying the green and awesome sceneries, experience midnight evacuation due to Christchurch earthquake, visit Hobbiton, tandem Sky Diving from 15,000 feet, and Bungy Jumping from 43m Kawarau Bridge. It costs me lot of money, but the experiences and the moments I get are really worth it.
Now what I want to achieve in 2017:
  • Get my diving certificate. I was really amazed (and envy at the same time) with diving picture from one of my friend in FB couple years ago. I did register and plan to take the course for 2016, but couldn't go due to some circumstance. But now, I am one step closer to get it. I have contacted the diving instructor, registered the course for PADI Open Water level, made down payment, receive diving material (book and video), and I target myself to have the exam around end of January, and Island session by early February. Hopefully everything will be smooth.
  • Climb 2 mountains. Well, I did conquer Mount Kinabalu on last 2014 and it was so really nice experience. For 2017, at least I want to climb 2 different mountains. Happy to say that I have made plan for Mount Rinjani trip in Lombok for April. So might need to find 1 more mountain for Q3 or Q4.
  • Learn new language. I really want to learn Mandarin. I did ask some language center, but they only have the class after office hour (7PM onward) and for me it is difficult to go since my working hour is unpredictable and normally I left office by early 8PM. Might need to find and plan to sacrifice my weekends if there is any available class. 
  • Join 21km half marathon run, my target is either Nike Night Run or maybe Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Need to train more and more, wake up in the morning and do jogging regularly.
I think that's all, basically I am the outdoor type guy that can't just stay at home during weekends. So I guess I will still do small-small trips, hiking hills, join fun runs, do some adventurous activities or little extreme things. I hope year 2017 will be greater and I can enjoy more :)

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