Thursday, January 12, 2017

Spotify Device

Who doesn't listen to music? For me, life will be so boring without it. There is no single day without music:
  • wake up in the morning by phone alarm, which is still considered as music.
  • to setup the mood and if not rushing to prepare to go to office, I just turn on my phone bluetooth to connect to my bluetooth speaker.
  • on the way drive to office, turn on the radio to listen music or just play music from USB dongle or phone.
  • in the office, to block the noise I just usually plug my earphone then play Spotify.
  • then drive back home and reach home, again music still there.
Because of above list, I subscribe for Spotify premium account. Last time I registered via Maxis, they offered it as VAS with MYR10/month. But now, I use the family plan and only need to pay MYR22.40/month for 6 persons.

OK, back the post topic. There is one time when me and my friend drive inside the car and we talk about music and Spotify. To summarize the discussion is "People should invent USB dongle or device that can play Spotify music offline". Reason is because we don't want to use phone resources to play the music, like drain battery, occupy memory, or "eat" the mobile data.

Function and specification:
  • USB dongle to save songs from Spotify account, and play it offline via USB input music players.
  • Has storage capacity (minimum 8GB) with wireless or bluetooth function for synchronization.
  • No battery needed, so no charging required.

How it works:
  • Open Spotify apps from smartphone, choose the playlist, then there is function to push song via wireless or bluetooth. 
  • All the playlist songs or individual song can be pushed and saved into the dongle.
  • We can plug the dongle into car stereo player, TV, speaker, or any music player with USB input. Then play it offline.
  • Since Spotify is paid service, the dongle have function to verify active customer every time dongle is plugged to music player. 

I should sell the idea to Spotify or any music streaming apps? Maybe I will name the device as:
- Spotify Play
- Spotify Dongle
- Spotify Go
- Spotify Plug & Play

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