Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aren't You Bored?

Yesterday I had dinner in restaurant nearby office with my teammate because we're too lazy to leave early due to traffic jam. Well it's mainly because heavy rain in the evening time.

So, once we reach the restaurant, I checked the menu and I ordered "Soup Daging, White Rice, and Fried Egg", and then my friend said "Hey last time you ate here you order the same, and when we had lunch in different place you also order the same thing. Aren't you bored for eating the same thing?"

And then I realize, actually it's true when I eat here or in other place that has same menu I always order the same combination of food. Then I told him, "Oh yeah la, I think because if I like something, I will order the same thing. I'm a loyal man :)".

Thinking about it, back then when I was in university or when I was working in Jakarta, I did the same thing. I remember:
  1. During university time in Surabaya I will order same food in each of makan place:
    • Soto ayam with extra koya and chicken skin in jalan semampir
    • Nasi goreng krengsengan in semolowaru
    • Nasi pecel with fried egg and peyek udang in warung nearby unitomo
    • Tahu telor in STIKOM food court
  2. When I was in Jakarta:
    • Curly Chic and oreo ice blended in Ciz 'n Chic in Binus Kemanggisan
    • Bakso with no tomato sauce, no sambal, no soy sauce and Coconut orange juice in warung bakso nearby Kemanggisan church
    • Ayam bakar with tempe and grilled chicken head, extra rice 
    • Kepiting asap with sambal juhi in Rasane seafood restaurant
Am I bored for eating the same thing when I'm in those restaurants? I would say NO (with the assumption I don't eat same food in the same place for couple days in a row). Hmmm... And now suddenly I miss to eat all those foods above. >.<

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