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I'm in Love with Mount Rinjani

My trip log to Lombok, Indonesia [8 to 15 Apr], with awesome friends and arranged by Karat Adv.

[8-Apr] Flight from KL to Lombok.
We took early morning AirAsia flight from KLIA2 to Lombok airport (8:40am to 11:45am). There is no time difference between KL and Lombok, it's still GMT+8.

After reach LIA (Lombok International Airport), the tour guide pickup us and bring us to Senaru homestay to stay for one night. On the way to the homestay, we stopped in local restaurant to eat the famous Ayam Bakar Taliwang, it's totally spicy but taste so delicious, I think because we're hungry too :)

Here's our homestay, from here we able to see Rinjani view, coast line, and surrounded by paddy fields.

[9-Apr] Sembalun track to Sembalun Rim.
The next morning, we go to Gunung Rinjani National Park office to get permit, and then start hike from Sembalun entry on 8am. First 3 hours we need to walk in Savannah that really hot, meet lot of cows, and then we stop for lunch.

One of our porter, salute with these guys. They can survive hiking with slippers, short, and some of them even not wearing t-shirt while bringing our logistics.

After 4 to 5 hours hiking, it's started to raining and the wet cloud greeting us. So we need to wear raincoat and wind breaker. The famous obstacle in Sembalun track is 7 Bukit Penyesalan (Regretful Hill, and it's not 1 but 7 hills). Total around 8 hours to reach Sembalun rim.

Me survive 7 Bukit Penyesalan and walking to Sembalun rim campsite. Feel like I'm in Silent Hill site.

Then we stay overnight in Sembalun rim, porter setup our tent.

[10-Apr] Journey to Summit, go down to Segara Anak Lake.
On 2am, our guide wake us up to start make a move to go to summit. It's so cold, so we need to wear warm attire: jacket, wind breaker, gloves. We also need to bring 2 hiking sticks, head lamp, and snacks + drinking water.

The obstacle to reach summit is really really hard. It's the most mentally and physically challenging looooooong steep trail with slippery sand, gravel, and rock.

I'm quite excited to climb up and able to reach summit by 6:20am, and Alhamdulillah the sky is so clear when I reach summit. While waiting for the others, my mountain guide help to take pict of me, like a lot. I really really love the view from the summit, it's so breathtaking, stunning, and amazing.

Around 7:30am, then they start to reach and we took group pict together. Yeah WE DID IT...!!!

After feel enough rest and took lot of picts, then we go down follow same trails. Actually the track is so scary, and we only realize when go down when it's bright and can clearly see the track. But again, we're really happy and satisfied for able reach summit.

Once reach our campsite, we had lunch then prepare to go down to Danau Segara Anak, we need to walk for another 4 hours. My legs feel like screaming and ask me to stop walking. After reach Danau Segara Anak, I fall asleep in our tent.

[11-Apr] Hotspring, waterfall, and hiking (again) to Senaru rim
We sleep like a baby for long hours because we're too tired. The next morning we wake up, we had breakfast then the boys decide to go to hotspring to relax our muscles. I love the view in this lake, everything is so awesome.

Then we need to pack again, to go to Senaru rim, another 4 hours climb. Again, in Senaru rim we're presented with amazing view. I really love with this spot, one side we can see Rinjani summit, Sembalun camp site, and Danau Segara Anak,

The other side can see Lombok coast line, borderless sea, the 3 Gili islands, Mt Agung in Bali from far with sunset view. Just perfect spot.

[12-Apr] Sunrise in Senaru rim, climb down
The next morning we're having breakfast by enjoying nature movie, with now showing title is "Sunrise".

Then we go down for another 7 hours via Senaru tracks. These victory dance once we reach Senaru exit and complete whole journey of Mount Rinjani saga.

Then we stay for one night in the same homestay.

[13-Apr] Waterfalls, go to jetty
The next morning, Adi (our mountain guide) bring us to two waterfalls: Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep. We just soak ourself and cool down there.

Then around 10:30 we check out and go to jetty and ride the fast boat to go to Gili Trawangan island.

On evening time we go to Ombak Sunset hotel by bike to enjoy sunrise, enjoy live music, and take picture with the iconic ayunan.

At night we have dinner at pasar malam. The have variety of BBQ, nasi campur, and variety of local snacks. All is delicious :)

Happy tummy, then we decide to go back to hotel and sleep. zZzzZzzzz....

[14-Apr] Viewpoint hill, Cycling around island
The next morning we go to viewpoint/lookout point hill to enjoy sunrise. But it's quite cloudy, so nothing much there. Basically, the track to go up hill it's built because on top of the hill there's telecom tower. So we just follow the trail, and around 30 mins we already reach the top

The entrance is quite tricky, so we ask around local people there and they give clue to find the shop with word "View Point", "Laundry" and "Pulsa"

View from top of hill, we say "hi" to Mount Rinjani from here :)

Then we cycling around Gili Trawangan, eat local food at alley for breakfast. I think the food in this stall is really delicious, we eat follow local way here:

Then we do cycling again, whole island, then decide to swimming and play by the beach,

And then eat bakso, and Magnum ice cream:

[15-Apr] Back to KL
Last day, we only relax. Spend time in hotel mostly. Have breakfast in hotel, then go to jetty to go back to Lombok. Say bye to Gili Trawangan:

Once reach Lombok, our driver bring us to go shopping: Sasaku (for t-shirt, snacks, keychain, souvenirs), Eiger shop near Mataram mall (for adventure items) then visit tenun shop.

On the evening, we go to airport and meet up with our other friends that don't go for Rinjani. And we go back from Lombok to KL with lot of nice memories :)

All itinerary captured during briefing and our hiking checklist items:

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