Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Achievement Unlocked - PADI Open Water Dive Certificate

To take diving certificate is one of my checklist for 2017, after plan for quite some time and from feedback from friend. I registered with bluebubbles.scuba, it's managed by Khai and his wife Azyani.

I started to contact him on November-2016, and registered for the course on December-2016. Good thing about him, he really informative and share all his programs and packages. Because I have constraint on taking leave, so I prefer to take all theory, quiz, exam and confined water in KL, then only go to island for the final exam.

Luckily they have the package, so he started by giving me the material book and video to prepare me before theory quiz and exam. I spent quite some time to read the book and watch video, because I really want to understand the theory and actually bit afraid of fail.

So by end of January-2017 I met him again for the exam and quiz, and I managed to pass on first attempt (>.<) Then do confined water on next day. I was so excited when wearing all the diving gear (BCD, regulator, cylinder tank, dive computer), the first breath underwater is so fricking awesome. Then he taught me how to ascend, descend, buoyant, equalize, and other practical based on the book.

There's one thing that I really remember and notice, DO NOT PANIC. Because there's one of practical scenario of no oxygen left in the cylinder by closing the cylinder valve. At first I was so panic, and give signal to instructor that I wanna go descend, but he handle it really well and request me to relax and breath normally after it. Thanks God, at the end the instructor told me that I pass the confined water, and quite good to be able to complete all the practical scenarios, and I'm good to go to the island to take final exam.

Because of busy with works, I didn't go directly for the island exam, once there's new public holiday announced on Monday 24-April-2017 (installation of new king). So I contact the instructor to book his time for the island session in Tioman island. He told me, he won't be able to be my instructor when in Tioman on that day because he's booked for another course, so his wife (Azyani) that will be my instructor. Well, actually she's quite pretty and has nice eyes :)

Here's my trip from KL to Tioman:
- Friday night took bus from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) - price RM30-RM35/one way, instead stop in Mersing the instructor told me better stop in Tanjung Gemok because the ferry trip schedule is fixed and not impacted by the tide. (Tips: make sure to remind the driver that you will stop in Tanjung Gemok, else they will go directly to Mersing instead). The journey took around 4 or 5 hours, and I just stop at mamak to eat and waiting for the ferry in the morning.
- Ferry from Tanjung Gemok, stop at Salang in Tioman island - price RM70/return. Took around 2.5 hours, so most of the time I just sleep on the ferry.

We spent 2 days with total of 5 diving, here's picture and video on the event:

And on the last day, finally the instructor said that I'm passed and got the certificate. Yeah...!!!

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