Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Early March this year, I was assigned for new task to overlook integration process between Siebel CRM and new system project called DiCE (Digitalizing our Customer Journey), such a nice project name. Basically this project objective is to have system that adopt Digital concept.

At first I'm thinking, why my client is so eager to invest on new system, despite they're already have BSS (Business Support System) like Siebel CRM for order capture and service assurance, order fulfillment apps like EAI for integration, OSM for service management, OBRM for billing, and even they have custom portal for selfcare customer and reseller. Still, they want to have another new system, and label it as to go Digital.
And I read some online articles, so many corporate/company start to bring their system/product to DIGITAL. So basically here's the recap I got.
  • Go digital is actually a way or process to understand customer behavior and how they interact with corporate system/product. So that corporate can come out with business solution & solution to sell product that actually customer need, provide service more effectively, and give more value in the business itself.
  • Basically it's not only about to utilize technology or IT system, but it's also about understanding overall customer journey. So corporate will be able to design and deliver best experience between corporate and customer, across all business line.
  • With digital, all data will be paperless and stored in the system. With some analytic tools (e.g. Google Analytics), corporate will be able to generate in-depth report to understand customer behavior, user interest, so marketing/sales team can perform pro-active decision and produce better market plan/offering of the product. And the end result is to achieve business solution improvement.
There is price or impact that company need to "pay" in order to go DIGITAL:
  • Organization member mindset: each of organization member should be well informed and understand, that company work behavior will go into rapid and agile way in order to adapt something new, for better and faster decision. Every member should have the same mindset, change the traditional thinking on the "waterfall" way, so that the real purpose to go digital is well achieved.
  • Reliable IT system and data architecture: corporate will need to build system, database, and network that able to connect corporate system, people, and internet devices. This system should be reliable, proven, and can provide good customer journey. Other important thing is corporate should be able to achieve continuous delivery to adapt with changes in market, business process, or any challenge from competitors.

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