Saturday, January 4, 2020

How Our Team Close Program Increment via SAFe Inspect & Adapt Workshop?

This week our team spent half-day for Inspect & Adapt workshop as official closure of 19.Q4 (fourth quarter of 2019) Program Increment. It's another important cadence in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) at the end of each program increment. All scrum team within the program perform system demo by presenting their achievement, perform measurement progress from PI objective, and retrospective with RCA (Root Cause Analysis) problem solving activity.

Here's the recap summary:
  • Meeting agenda:
  • System demo:
We have 6 scrum team under our program, so every team has 15 minutes to present the demo. I can see the excitement from everyone to prepare the demo. To make sure we're ready and have structured demo, I conduct several rehearsal sessions with the key persons that need to perform the demo. And also create PowerPoint deck for each team to share main goal and key points of system demo.

I enable Teams meeting for offshore team that can't present in office, so they can join as well. I also do video recording for team member that can't attend the session. I can say we had really good demo, everyone present it well and we receive good feedback from Business Owners. :)
  • Quantitative measurement:
In second session, we share PI objectives progress and status. We share the challenge and next action items for objectives that can't be completed in this PI. On following step, business owners supposed to share actual value of each objectives. But due to on last PI we didn't really provide this value, so we only share the completion status. At least in last PI Planning we did it properly, and make sure each PI objective has business value.

  • Retrospective with Root Cause Analysis:
I split the team into 2 groups to perform this activity. Just like usual retrospective, team need to share feedback about what happened in this PI. We provide what went well, what didn't go well, and what we can do better. Then we continue to vote to choose which problem that we can tackle, conduct root cause analysis, and brainstorm the solution. 

 We use this cute fishbone diagram for the problem solving:

It's really good discussion, team discuss each other and asking with 5W questions until find the root cause problem and agree with solution and action items. Then team present the outcome of it.

  • Closure:
In the closure time, everyone huddle in circle so we can have eye contacts and see each others. Then we share our thought and say thank you to other members as gratitude gesture.

And that's conclude the 19.Q4 program increment. Now everyone is ready to take more challenge for 20.Q1 program increment, and we're looking forward to have more collaboration and better improvement & achievement. Cheers... #OneDRA

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