Friday, September 8, 2017

Just Dance 2017 Competition

Last month I initiated and organized fun activity for my Agile team on Friday night after office hour. It's "Accenture TM.Agile Just Dance 2017 Competition". I utilize my Nintendo Switch and purposely buy new Just Dance 2017 game for it. Beside that, I request my friend Ikmal to bring his extra Switch joy-con so we can have 4 controllers to play. And luckily he also got HDMI splitter port and his mini projector. He help to set up the console, LCD TV, the projector, and put aside all the chairs to make space.

The couple days before the event, I blast calendar invitation and request them to form team of two person, and to come to our big meeting room by 5PM. The rule is quite simple and clear, team with highest accumulative score is the winner.

To attract the team, I tease them with wrapped gifts and label it as special, mysterious, and unforgettable gift. And everyone keep asking me what's inside, so I just tell them if you want to know and open it, make sure to join, to dance, and to win the competition :)

And I design some simple trophy for the first winner team:

At first they bit shy to dance, but me and my friends start it first and "warm-up" the environment until everyone willing to try and get the feel. Once all warmed-up, then we start the competition. Since we only have 4 controllers, so in one time there's 2 teams that need to  perform the dance by choosing random song. They really dance like crazy and forget about the shyness at all. It's make me happy to see how they really try to dance, enjoy the togetherness, and having fun.

Here's the compilation pictures of the event:

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