Thursday, September 21, 2017

What is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic marketing is a method to target the types of advertising audience based on some criteria like location, gender, age, occupation, or any specific target audience. With this method, you can also limit the advertisement based on specific times and frequency to show. Basically it's a way to deliver highly effective ads to right people, at the right time, with right ads content.

The main reason of using programmatic is efficiency, because ads buyer can choose the target audience, and the information share to them is the ads that they really want or need.

Meanwhile, programmatic ads buying refers to using of software or application to purchase digital ads, it changes traditional way of ads buying by replacing manual process and activity that handled by human. At the moment, it's mainly online ads that's traded programatically, but in the future it's really possible to sell offline ads (e.g. TV ads, radio ads, or billboard) to be sold via programmatic.

There's one term related to this topic called Ad-Tech, which is short for advertising technology, that actually refers to different types of analytics and digital tools used in the context of advertising. It will help agencies and marketing target, deliver, and analyze their advertising effort.

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