Sunday, September 10, 2017

Malaysia Duo Highway Challenge 2017

Last July when I drove to office via NPE highway, I saw big signboard advertising about Malaysia Duo Highway Challenge Run 2017, it needs to complete 2 runs on IJM highways which is:
  • Besraya highway [code E9] with distance 13km on 30-July
  • NPE (New Pantai Expressway) [code E10] with distance 21km on 10-September
I get the brochure also on one of running event on July, so I blast the info to my hiking and running whatsapp group and we decided to join both of the run here. With consideration is cheaper, and the medal can be combined together. 

I've been running for quite sometimes recently but it's only for max 12km, mostly 10km or sometime just fun run 5km. And I have my own goal/target for this year to join half marathon, well since this year there's no Nike Run so yeah NPE Run will be my first my 21km run.

I was quite afraid if I can't finish it but also excited at the same time, I purposely bought running/hiking bag that has water bladder because knowing myself like to drink a lot, bough protein bar, and bring kurma/dates just like my friend Diana's suggestion. List out all items need to bring and prepare the night before. And my friend suggests to start do carbs and water loading, so I eat and drink quite a lot >.<

So today is the day, I pick up my friend Azra for car pool and park the car on the shop lot and walk to start point. The flag-off should start by 5:30am in front of Sunway Pyramid, but somehow it's started bit late around 5:50am. Luckily today it's cloudy and not that hot, so my run is quite steady while wearing earplug to play music from my phone. 

So here's the recap:
  • First 7km is quite smooth, I keep running and running
  • When reach 10km, oh finally it's almost half, and I said "I can do it"
  • Turning on around km 12th, I took 2 bananas that they provide and eat it because I start to feel hungry, then I get energy boost to run again.
  • By 15km it's start drizzling and I'm hungry again so I eat 3 kurmas and force myself to run, even though I know I start to feel tired.
  • Then it's heavy rain until km 19th and I eat another 3 kurmas. I saw the electronic board saying "Go Go Go, you can do it. It's another 2km". I'm so excited and really want to finish it.
  • Last 2km is so challenging because there's hill up and down, I keep telling myself "You can do it, bit more, finish it!". By time I reach finish line, I saw the timer is around 3:02:xx. Hmm... not bad.
  • Finally, I did it. My first half marathon run for this year :)

Proud finisher pose:

After combine both medals:

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